Founded in 1962

Family Owned and Operated for 55 years

 With his a family of 6, Founder Joshua Williams is raising 4th generation worm and feeder farmers. There is not a single step in production that isn't done without help from even the youngest of the bunch. 

History of Quality

In 1962 Grandpa Larry founded his vermiculture farm in central Florida. With help from his 4 children the now retired "PePaw" operated nearly 80+ acres of shaded worm beds for only two breeds, African Night Crawlers and Red Wigglers. Even though Steel City Worm Farm has since closed, PePaw is always on hand to supervise and prop up a shovel.

Tradition of Excellence

Sourcing and shipping from all over the world. We're proud to be the link for all your Worm, Insects, and Rodent needs. Either for fishing bait or feeding your pets, We handle it all at Feeder Farms!